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Raman backscattering saturation due to coupling between ωp and 2ωp modes in plasma

Raj, G. (Creator), Ersfeld, B. (Contributor), Vieux, G. (Contributor), Yoffe, S. (Contributor), Hur, M. S. (Contributor), Cairns, A. (Contributor) & Jaroszynski, D. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 1 Mar 2016


Data for: "Glycated insulin tracked by its intrinsic TRES"

Rolinski, O. (Creator), Chung, L. H. C. (Creator), Birch, D. (Creator), Vyshemirsky, V. (Creator) & Ryadnov, M. G. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 6 Mar 2018


Data for: "Biocatalytic Self-Assembly on Magnetic Nanoparticles"

Lau, K. H. A. (Supervisor), Conte, M. P. (Creator), Sahoo, J. (Creator) & Abul-Haija, Y. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 5 Dec 2017


Twin Houses Empirical Validation Dataset: Experiment 2

Strachan, P. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 29 Feb 2016


Data for: "Generation of electron high energy beams with a ring-like structure by a dual stage laser wakefield accelerator"

Spesyvtsev, R. (Creator), Brunetti, E. (Creator), Vieux, G. (Data Collector), Shahzad, M. (Data Collector), Maitrallain, A. (Contributor), Yoffe, S. (Contributor), Ersfeld, B. (Contributor), Kornaszewski, A. (Contributor), Streeter, M. J. V. (Contributor), Finlay, O. (Data Collector), Ma, Y. (Contributor), Kettle, B. (Data Collector), Dann, S. J. D. (Contributor), Albert, F. (Contributor), Bourgeois, N. (Contributor), Cipiccia, S. (Contributor), Cole, J. M. (Contributor), Gerstmayr, E. (Contributor), González, I. G. (Contributor), Higginbotham, A. (Contributor), Hussein, A. (Contributor), Falk, K. (Contributor), Krushelnick, K. (Contributor), Lemos, N. (Contributor), Lopes, N. (Contributor), Lumsdon, C. (Data Collector), Lundh, O. (Contributor), Mangles, S. P. D. (Contributor), Najmudin, Z. (Contributor), Rajeev, P. P. (Contributor), Smid, M. (Contributor), Symes, D. R. (Contributor), Thomas, A. G. R. (Contributor) & Jaroszynski, D. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 13 Jun 2019


Data for: "Efficient ion acceleration and dense electron-positron plasma creation in ultra-high intensity laser-solid interactions"

Del Sorbo, D. (Data Collector), Blackman, D. R. (Creator), Capdessus, R. (Creator), Small, K. (Creator), Slade-Lowther, C. (Creator), Lou, W. (Creator), Duff, M. J. (Creator), Robinson, A. P. L. (Creator), McKenna, P. (Creator), Sheng, Z. (Creator), Pasley, J. (Creator) & Ridgers, C. P. (Creator), 3 Sep 2019


Data for "Monitoring crystal breakage in wet milling processes using inline imaging and chord length distribution measurements"

Agimelen, O. S. (Creator), Svoboda, V. (Creator), Ahmed, B. (Creator), Cardona Amengual, J. (Data Collector), Dziewierz, J. (Data Collector), Brown, C. (Creator), McGlone, T. (Contributor), Cleary, A. (Data Collector), Tachtatzis, C. (Data Collector), Michie, C. (Data Collector), Florence, A. (Contributor), Andonovic, I. (Data Manager), Mulholland, A. (Owner) & Sefcik, J. (Owner), University of Strathclyde, 27 Mar 2017


Data for: "Scheduling of Space to Ground Quantum Key Distribution"

Polnik, M. D. (Creator), Mazzarella, L. (Contributor), Di Carlo, M. (Contributor), Oi, D. (Contributor), Riccardi, A. (Supervisor) & Arulselvan, A. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 28 Jan 2020


Data for: "Self-assembling silk hydrogels as a mesenchymal stem cell support matrix for stroke"

Ibrahim, O. A. S. (Creator), Carswell, H. (Supervisor), Seib, P. (Supervisor), Wongpinyochit, T. (Contributor), McKittrick, C. M. (Contributor), Gorenkova, N. (Contributor) & Goudie, A. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 5 Sep 2018


Measurement of components of a W-band gyro-amplifier using VNA

Zhang, L. (Creator), He, W. (Creator), Donaldson, C. (Creator), Garner, J. (Contributor) & MCELHINNEY, P. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 14 Mar 2017


Data for "Using microfluidics for scalable manufacturing of nanomedicines from bench to GMP: A case study using protein-loaded liposomes."

Webb, C. (Creator), Forbes, N. L. A. (Creator), Roces Rodriguez, C. B. (Creator), Anderluzzi, G. (Creator), Lou Ramirez, G. (Creator), Abraham, S. (Creator), Ingalls, L. (Creator), Marshall, K. (Creator), Watts, J. (Creator), Aylott, J. (Creator) & Perrie, Y. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 7 Apr 2020


Aggregation of model asphaltenes - a Molecular Dynamics study

Costa, J. L. L. F. S. (Creator), Simionesie, D. (Creator), Zhang, Z. J. (Creator) & Mulheran, P. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 23 May 2016