12 new Raman active dyes coating oligonucleotide conjugate silver NPs for DNA detection with SERS

  • Laura Pala (Creator)
  • Samuel Mabbott (Creator)
  • David Thompson (Contributor)
  • Sathkumara Narayana Mudalige (Contributor)
  • Matthew A. Bedics (Contributor)
  • Michael R. Detty (Contributor)
  • Duncan Graham (Supervisor)



Paper for journal submission and corresponding SI

LP Manuscript Data:
Excel files with number, which correspond to the dye or dyes used during the experiments.
Data sheets contain spectral data with the different concentrations of dye using 4 samples, target and control, the data analysis to evaluate the on/off ratio and the Raman intensity vs conc of dye displayed in all graphs.
Excel file called label and another PCA, that I used in matlab for the PCA plot.
a bmp and a matlab fig file with the PCA plot.
Chemdraw file contains structure number together with corresponding dye structures and another named reaction scheme.
Synthesis data received from the Detty group are also supplied.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production1 Jun 2015

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