SGM Autumn Meeting

  • Nicholas Tucker (Invited speaker)

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Comparative genomic and molecular analysis of sigma factors involved in regulation of motility genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Amy Ford, Lewis Stewart, Shabhonam Caim, Lisa Crossman & NICHOLAS TUCKER University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G4 0RE; BBSRC Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a widespread Gram-negative bacterium that is usually considered to be motile via one or more flagella. Its ability to infect a wide range of host organisms is due to the possession of diverse colonization and virulence-related genes. Transcriptional regulation of these genes is mediated by alternate sigma factors and regulatory proteins such as enhancer binding proteins (EBP) and antisigma factors. We have sequenced twelve P. aeruginosa strains and used comparative genomics to investigate genes that are regulated by sigma 54 and EBPs, which are involved in attachment and biofilm formation. Focussing on motility genes required for fully functioning pili and flagella, we have probed for differences at the genomic level and coupled them to their phenotypic consequence in swimming, swarming and twitching motilities between various clinical isolates including mucoid / non-mucoid pairs as well and environmental isolates. This analysis has revealed a remarkable plasticity in the complement of sigma 54 target genes within the P. aeruginosa lineage. Mutations in sigma factors affecting host adaptation will also be discussed.
Period5 Sept 20117 Sept 2011
Event typeConference
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