Inspiring language learning and teaching in the early years – Why it matters and what it looks like for children age 3-12

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Press release to launch the international "Inspiring Language Learning and teaching in the early years - why it matters and what it looks like for children age 3 - 12' ECML project The project is focused on early language learning, from 3 to 12 years of age. One of the aims of the project is to help those working with young learners to embrace their own plurilingualism and to recognize the potential for further learning that this can bring. With this recognition, teachers and educators can begin to understand the importance of linguistic interdependency, where knowledge of one language can be used to inform the learning of another. In this way, each child´s unique language potential can be included to support his/her educational development and may also contribute to social cohesion in multilingual/multicultural environments, not only in the classroom, but also in wider society. For this reason, another aim of the project is to provide teachers and educators with resources they can use to support plurilingualism in their classrooms. Useful activities and examples of good practice will be made available in the form of a new website.
Period1 May 20171 May 2019
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