From OLEDs to animal magnetoreception: quantum nanodiamond for the detection of short-lived paramagnetic spin-states generated by light

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited talk


Light generates paramagnetic electronic spin-states that are central to function in a wide variety of contexts, from animal magnetorececption and oxidative stress to organic LEDs and photocatalysts. To better understand these systems, to optimise / influence their function, or develop biomimetic technologies it is vital to detect the paramagnetic states and to characterise their dynamics in their functional environment. This remains a significant measurement challenge, however, because they are usually very short-lived and often of low concentration. Quantum defects in nanodiamond, particularly the nitrogen vacancy (NV) centre, are a powerful tool for quantum-enhanced sensing and are exploited as ultra-sensitive detectors of magnetic fields (MFs). We are developing methods based on optically-detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) and wide-field imaging for the ultra-sensitive in situ detection and characterisation of transient paramagnetic species generated by light.
Period6 Feb 2023
Held atNational Institute of Standards and Technology NIST, United States
Degree of RecognitionLocal