From health check to diagnosis: using the MQuITE Toolkit at programme level

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Now at the end of its six-year data collection, the Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education project had provided a high level ‘health check’ of ITE as a sector. It has also developed research instruments to inform similar future work. In this roundtable, we will look at how individual institutions have used insights from the MQuITE project to look at their own programmes. The aim of the session is to discuss the MQuITE Toolkit and its suitability as a self-audit tool for ITE programme leaders, including what measures are meaningful and the extent to which it is helpful to make comparisons to the benchmark figures. Building on the MQuITE Framework (2018), itself an elaboration of Feuer et al. (2013), we hope that the discussion can address but also move beyond questions such as ‘What is a ‘good’ level of student teacher competency self-evaluation?’, ‘What can we learn from comments about ITE from teachers who have completed induction?’, or ‘What do student teachers see as the most helpful parts of their ITE, and does this change over their early career?’.

As we look to offer the toolkit to anyone who wants to use it, we will also invite discussion in the roundtable about how self-evaluation tools must be adapted to local contexts (Kennedy et al., 2021) and how they can be used and abused. By drawing parallels with the Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment (TESTA) framework (Adamson et al., 2017; Walker et al., 2019), we will end with discussion about how academics and managers use data in relation to the theoretical underpinnings of the research instruments and how toolkit design should adapt to such uses.

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Period23 Nov 202225 Nov 2022
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  • Self-evaluation
  • ITE quality
  • Programme design
  • Curriculum design