• Remi Capdessus (Speaker)

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High power laser facilities are now be able to achieve peak laser intensities beyond 1021 W/cm2. The ion acceleration is a very promising research topic due to the fact because it lead to many applications going from inertial fusion to medicine. This interest is enhanced by the development of major laser facilities like the European project Extreme Light Infrastructure, which will be able to deliver laser intensities beyond 1023 W/cm2. Such laser intensities would enable to generate monoenergetic ion beams which is very expecting. Beyond laser intensities of 1022 W/cm2, it has been shown in some theoretical and numerical studies that radiation reaction can impact on plasma dynamics. Due to their strong inertia versus to electrons, the radiation reaction affects implicitly ions by electrostatic field. We investigate the role of the radiation reaction in the relativistic self-induced transparency regime using a relativistic Particle In Cell includes the radiation reaction force. Several target thicknesses going from 0.1 to 100 laser wavelength are considered. We regard a Gaussian laser pulse getting an intensity of 1023W/cm2 interacting into a deuteron plasma getting an initial density of 10nc. For target ticknesses smaller than 5 laser wavelength, the radiation reaction enhances the ion absorption going up to create energetic ion peak because the target expansion is strongly modified favouring a better electrostatic field at the rear of the target. For target thicknesses longer than 5 laser wavelength, the radiation reaction tends to decrease the ion acceleration efficiency. Furthermore, the ion beam is strengthened, improving the quality of the reflected ions by the piston. Some analytical estimations are brought in each sub-regime characterising the role of the radiation reaction on ion dynamics.
Period1 Sep 20145 Sep 2014
Event typeConference
LocationPARIS, France


  • Radiation reaction, ion acceleration at high flux, synchrotron radiation