Directed Assembly of Functional Nanomaterials (EPSRC Grand Challenge conference)

Haw, M. (Organiser)

Activity: Organiser of major conference


Understanding how to control the assembly of molecular and nanomaterials, from protein crystals and co-crystals to nanoparticles, nanoporous structures and supramolecular gels, is key to obtaining designed materials with specific properties and purposes. The conference will promote new collaborations spanning experiment, modelling and theory, ranging from fundamental chemistry to advanced engineering. Invited keynote speakers include Prof Russell Morris, University of St Andrews, Prof Rein Ulijn, University of Strathclyde, Dr Scott Woodley, UCL, Prof Paul Raithby, University of Bath, and Dr Hugo Christenson, University of Leeds.
Period12 Jun 2013 - 13 Jun 2013
Event typeConference
LocationGlasgow, United Kingdom